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A Maverick and Young Crypto Team Focusing on Crypto Project Operating, Brand Consulting and Tokenomics Formulating in Blockchain

Speed & Security

Creativity & Flexibility

Better Collaboration

With the Right Team, Great Things Can Happen

0x90 is an international team that has been deeply involved in the blockchain industry for many years. It has always looked at self-operated or cooperative projects from a professional and unique perspective.Therefore it has unique skills and reputation in project planning and execution in cryptocurrency field. 

What We Offer

Different from traditional incubators and other operating companies, 0x90 is known as a corporate doctor and a super screenwriter in the blockchain business because of the "24- Frame Deconstruction Method" to think and operate a project.

Workflows That Work

Since the team was found, 0x90 have implemented the operation of 120+ projects. Extensive past experience has helped the team to build a complete, efficient and unique workflow.

All-In-One Solution

0x90 provides professional, applicable and customized operation solutions for projects through in-depth consulting services.  Even if the client has no experience in operating a project, the team provide the client with the most worry-free one-stop service by its rich expertise.

Comprehensive Consultant Support

0x90 is not a simple operation plan execution team, but a creative and professional operation planning team, that is, a corporate doctor.Through in-depth multi-dimensional analysis of the project, the team issue a new operating strategy adjusted according to the problems existing in the project to help the project revitalize.

Smart Automation Tools

After years of accumulation of resources, 0x90 has developed many intelligent tools to help operate efficiently. At the same time, the team integrates various resources needed to operate the project, which is convenient for customers to manage by themselves.

Built for Creatives, by Creatives

Since 2017, 0x90 team has gathered in Thailand. Since then, they have been working hard in the blockchain industry for many years and constantly exploring, always focusing on operation. The fields involved in the 0x90 team include public chains, media, exchanges, mining, DeFi, NFT, GameFi and investment.

The team has a global educational background, and has made achievements in Internet business before entering the cryptocurrency industry. Since the integration of the team, 0x90 have implemented the operation and development of 120 projects, including self-operated projects and outsourcing projects, as well as nearly 100 consulting businesses. Several well-known projects still active in the blockchain world were built by 0x90.


Resource Sharing

Freedom & Creative


Trusted Among Industry Partners

The brand reputation established over the years has made 0x90 recognized by the industry and trusted by a large number of partners.


What Our Clients Say

“A good operations team is really significant, and 0x90 has left a very deep impression on me. They helped us gain the trust of a large number of loyal users, even in a bear market.”

Ivan Levies,

Web 3.0 Map_H

“0x90 is a very professional team. With their help, our project has successfully opened up the Chinese market and has become a very well-known project on mining coins field.”

Charlie Deep,

Mining Coin_S

“Cryptocurrency is global and cutting-edge then the team needs to be extremely creative and have a deep understanding of the industry. 0x90 did it, and I was amazed by their accurate prediction of the development of the project.”

Tom Smithenson,


Explore Our
Smart Tool Options

While 0x90 has developed many intelligent tools to help efficient operations, it also integrates various resources needed to operate projects, such as community robots, global press release and so on.

0x90 will share these tools and resources at cost, and anyone can place their own orders and help their project perform basic operations.

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Smart Tools

Get Ready To Maximize The Profits From Your Project With Our Professional Solutions

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