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Mining Coin_S


Mining Coin


List on 3 CEXs + 1 DEX and price was 0.3u to 7.8u


2021 - Now


Twitter: 10700+

Telegram: 17000+

Discord: 5500+

- Cover 90% of Chia users and some GameFi players 

- More than half of community members are from Europe and North America

Based on blockchain technology, Project Mining Coin_S uses PoB consensus mechanism to build a fair, green, independent, open and win-win digital society through the five in one framework of energy-saving mining output, node service, green digital assets, DAO and a new generation of smart contract.

Mining Coin_S is currently listed on 3 centralized exchanges and 1 decentralized exchange, and cooperates with Bitkeep, Future Cash, a series of GameFi and DAO projects.


Since the Mining Coin_S launched, there are 4 similar projects copying its code, forming a boom in the global mining industry. It is no doubt that Mining Coin_S is a leading project in the same field.

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